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Extract from Axis: Written from verbatim by Mark Finbow. Originally performed by Jonathan Harden. Directed by Peter Beck.

MICHAEL – Family man, late 30s. Confident in talking about his own trauma. Harbours some regrets about his relationship with his parents. Sincere, light-hearted and emotionally connected.

Extract from Feet: Written from verbatim by Shey Hargreaves. Originally performed by Roisin Rae. Directed by Fiona McAlpine.

LAUREN – Woman, late thirties. Lauren has faced infertility and is undergoing IVF treatment; she has previously lost a baby to miscarriage but is currently in the early stages of pregnancy with her second baby. She has an endearing vulnerability and a warm, dry sense of humour which she is comfortable turning on herself.

Extract from Janus: Written from verbatim by Molly Naylor. Originally performed by Maureen Beattie. Directed by Peter Beck.

CHRISTINE – Woman, mid-sixties. Christine has suffered verbal, physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her husband and never felt people believed her story. Lonely and somewhat resistant to help, she is on the path towards acceptance and healing.

Extract from Portrait: Written from verbatim by Anthony Cule. Originally performed by Ian Lavender. Directed by Fiona McAlpine.

COLIN – Older gentleman, only just learning to talk openly about his experiences. He is confident and well- spoken, except when discussing emotionally complicated subjects, at which point he finds it difficult to articulate quite so fluently.

Extract from Seagull: Written from verbatim and originally performed by Helen Vine. Directed by Fiona McAlpine.

AMY – Woman, 30. An addict in recovery who has been a victim of rape and domestic abuse. She is warm, open, has a positive energy and an infectious sense of humour. There is an underlying grief at the loss of her baby son to SIDS. Proud to be clean and proud to be a mum.

Listen to the series theme tune, written and performed by Bill Vine.